Ultrasonic Range Finders


BTR-D1 Ultrasonic Range Finder

btr-d1 ultrasonic range finder
High Accuracy
BTR-D1 has special software filters to provide optimum accuracy and resolution.
Flexible Pinouts
BTR-D1 has two output and one input pin. Output pins are  "Pulse Width" and Serial "TX" as default. User can change the "TX" pin to "TTL". TTL pin works as popular sensor
HC-SR04 pinout for using popular application codes
Multi Sensor
BTR-D1 can communicate on serial line (9600 Baud 8N1).
Up to 32 sensor can connect on same line.
Programmable Features
BTR-D1 has programmable features by the serial commands;
- The maximum range can be set between 20cm-600cm.
- User can set the temperature to compansate the calculations.
- User can set the result type in mm/cm/inch/us.
- User can set the sensor ID.